The “Practical Guide to Diversity Charter” (Guide) is developed as part of the DIMAIN project and aims to introduce benefits of the diversity and its management at the workplace, as well as covers good practices from companies along with testimonials. Overall, Guide aims to encourage to take actions in order to promote social inclusion within the workplace.

The Guide is localized to national context of each partner country, thus four different versions of the Guide are available in three different partners languages (Lithuanian, Latvian, Greek) as well as in English.

The Guide is broken into two main parts: I Part Why Diversity? is transferable and common, while II Part is dedicated to national Diversity Charter of partner country, thus localized and presents national Diversity Charter.

The Guide is addressed to organizations in general and theirs CEOs, personnel and human resource (HR) managers in particular and aims to:

  • raise awareness on diversity management and its benefits for the organizations;
  • present Diversity Charter and encourage to become a member of Diversity Charter community;
  • share good practices on diversity management in the organizations;