About Diversity Charter

Diversity Charter is a voluntary initiative aiming at encouraging companies or public institutions to implement and develop diversity and inclusion policies. They outline what the organization does - and will do - to promote those policies at the workplace. Most importantly, Diversity Charters are a valuable asset in fighting discrimination and promoting equality at work.

The first step into Diversity Charter was made in January, 2004: French Diversity Charter was the very first document established in Europe regarding the diversity at the workplace. In 2010, the Diversity Charters from across the EU came together to work as the EU level exchange Diversity Charter Platform. Currently, Diversity Charters are launched in 22 EU countries (read more).

Lithuanian Diversity Charter

On 3rd of October 2018, Lithuanian Diversity Charter was successfully launched in Vilnius, Lithuania. Almost 30 organizations have singed the Charter and committed to promote diversity. The conference “Diversity as Economic, Social and Cultural Potential” followed the official launch of the Charter after the press conference and official signing procedure.

For more information, please visit Lithuanian Diversity Charter’s website www.diversity.lt

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Cypriot Diversity Charter

The launch of the National Diversity Charter of Cyprus took place on January 28, 2019 at the Headquarters of the Cyprus Telecommunication Authority (CYTA). CYTA is a semi-governmental organization and is the main telecommunication provider of Cyprus and it has now become the first organization to sign the National Diversity Charter of Cyprus.

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Diversity Charter of Greece

More information coming soon.

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Latvia Diversity Charter

On June 8, 2018, in the framework of 1st THINK DIVERSITY – Baltic Diversity Business Forum, Open Centre held a special opening ceremony and presentation of the Latvian Diversity Charter and Latvian Equality Index took place.

More information coming soon.

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